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Your Gateway to the Middle East

Amin Consulting is a uniquely positioned advisory and consulting Firm that, through our diverse team of experts, provides unique and niche services for Middle Eastern and United States based companies and investors.  Whether you are a U.S. Company expanding in the Middle East, or a High Net Worth Family from the Middle East looking to diversify or protect its assets, you have come to the right place.

Our team is compromised of professionals with decades of collective consulting, legal, and business experience--specifically between those two regions of the world.  Most of our consultants are Accredited and Licensed United States Attorneys as well as International Business Consultants.  That allows us to provide, not only expert advice, but also added value through vertical integration of these often interconnected services.


Advisory Services

We approach each project by developing a thorough understanding of the client’s current situation and future objectives in order to develop a tailored solution that will achieve their goals.


Deal Flow

Within the Middle East, our solid foundations in the local market enables us to actively locate leading family-owned investment firms, private-client advisers, entrepreneurs, private-equity firms, and wealth management firms.


Investment Services 

We offer an extensive range of investment and advisory services including investment management support and fund structuring.

Representative Transactions